5 tips to help sell a home on Instagram

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Instagram has well over 100 million users, and it offers a simple interface where you can upload and share pictures instantly on your smart phone.. Many millennials (and thus, prospective new homeowners) gravitate towards Instagram above many other platforms these days. Its sole feature is in hosting photos, meaning any entity or business hoping to show off something like real estate can.

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Instagram boasts more than 150 million users and is a simple way to capture and share photos on your phone.. Home Blogs REwired 5 tips to help sell a home on. 5 tips to help sell a.

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Note: Recent events that concluded on the day of this post sparked this topic and stand as a testament that Instagram can indeed help you, a business owner, sell your product or service. Last week I was casually browsing the hashtag category of #tikimugs on Instagram.

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Selling your home without an agent means you’ll have more work to do, but the payoff can make it worthwhile, Consumer Reports says.

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Tips for Selling Your Home using Social Media. Experienced real estate agents in Orange County CA like Gerry Goodman have what it takes to sell your home; they provide you guidance on for how much you should list your house, work to get your house on the market and provide execution on all the legal processes having to do with selling your home.

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