Austrian banker Kohn key to Madoff crimes

 · NEW YORK (Reuters) – Austrian banker sonja kohn was a “criminal soul mate” of Bernard Madoff for 23 years, running an international network of banks and funds to help perpetrate the biggest.

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 · With the deadline just hours away for filing clawback suits related to the Madoff bankruptcy case, the various cases will soon begin their slow trek through the legal system. The latest, and by far the largest suit initiated to date, is against Austrian banker Sonja Kohn.

 · Austrian banker Sonja Kohn was a "criminal soul mate" of Bernard Madoff for 23 years, running an international network of banks and funds to help perpetrate the biggest fraud in.

Big Kickbacks to Austrian Banker in Madoff Case? UK and Austria believe Sonja Kohn received kickbacks from Madoff while she was a chairwoman of. A Rogues Gallery of Financial Crime;

Bernard Madoff, Ponzi Scheme Mastermind Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard filed the suit against Italian bank UniCredit S.p.A., Austrian banker Sonja Kohn and others who are accused of participating in Madoff’s notorious Ponzi.

Law360, New York (October 18, 2013, 5:59 PM EDT) — A U.K. judge Friday exonerated Austrian banker Sonja Kohn, several members of Bernard Madoff’s family and others for their roles in the notorious.

 · Thema International Fund belongs to a number of offshore entities with ties to Madoff friend and Austrian banker Sonja Kohn and the Benbasset family of Switzerland. Picard contends that Kohn and the benbassets granted madoff key access to funds as his Ponzi scam began to fail. As Bloomberg reports, the Benbassets set up Hermes International Fund Ltd. And Lagoon Investment.

Justice using JPM settlement to pursue other banks Since December 16, major business media have failed to dig deeper into a potentially blockbuster story involving the Justice Department’s refusal to honor a Wall Street regulator’s request for a subpoena against JPMorgan Chase to obtain Madoff related documents the firm was refusing to turn over.

The deal was struck with Dublin-based thema international fund plc, part of a web of offshore entities linked to Austrian banker Sonja Kohn, an old friend of Madoff’s, and the Benbassat family of.

An Austrian woman dubbed Bernard Madoff’s "criminal. the trustee unraveling the Madoff debacle, said that since 1987 banker Sonja Kohn and 22 other defendants used her former Bank Medici of Vienna.

Austrian banker Sonja Kohn was a criminal soul mate of Bernard Madoff for 23 years, running an international network of banks and funds to help perpetrate the biggest fraud in financial history, a.

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