CFPB offers more guidance on contacting, responding to troubled borrowers

Because mortgage servicers subject to the fair debt collection practices act are prohibited from sending notices to borrowers more than once during any 180-period, the CFPB found that servicers essentially had too little time to provide the early intervention notices to distressed borrowers. The CFPB found that servicers had to provide notices on exactly the 180 th day, after providing a prior notice, which gave them too little margin.

Company Portal Response Guidance Version 1.0 3 Overview This guidance supplments the company portal manual, providing recommendations for documenting and responding to your consumers’ complaints based on our best practice observations. Both general response guidance as well as product-specific guidance are included.

The CFPB Issues Compliance Guidance on Mortgage Servicing Transfers Christopher L. Allen, thereof with total assets of more than $10 billion.6 The CFPB has indirect or discretionary examination. and information sufficient to show whether or not the borrower had accepted and offer and was

The Consumer Protection Bureau Screws Up Everything In response to comments critical of the CFPB’s decision not to revisit the payday loan rule’s payment provisions, Ms. Kraninger indicated that the Bureau would be responding to a petition it has.

The studies relied on in drafting the Rule do not provide “a sufficiently robust and reliable basis” to support the determination that a lender’s failure to determine a borrower’s ability to repay is.

Learn more about the Bureau’s supervisory authority and understand how our regional offices conduct examinations and assess compliance with federal consumer financial law.. Contact Information. as well as the available guidance and compliance resources.

CFPB offers more guidance on contacting, responding to troubled borrowers nationstar (aka Mr. Cooper) merging with WMIH Corp. in $3.8 billion deal mortgage borrowers win protection in Ditech.

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Companies logging on to the CFPB’s company portal recently discovered that the CFPB had posted new "Response Guidance."" The guidance supplements the CFPB’s Company Portal Manual which describes the operation of the online portal used by companies to view complaints submitted to the CFPB by consumers.

The regulations set new procedural requirements for servicers to respond to other information requests or complaints from borrowers. Servicers must respond to borrowers within five days. The rules also state that servicers are generally required to conduct investigations when errors are asserted by the consumer.

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