Trulia: Home affordability slips for middle class

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To be clear, I am talking about homeownership affordability. I am not talking about the rental market. Low-income families face myriad housing struggles, which I do acknowledge. But if you are a.

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Only about 19 percent of the homes for sale in Bergen County are within reach of the average middle-class family, a recent survey shows, while in Salem County, the number skyrockets to 92 percent.

Can the middle class still afford to buy a home in Seattle?. A new study by real-estate information company trulia reveals that, % of homes for sale within reach of middle class, 2013.

Keep on renting, middle class, or move to San Bernardino, where you can afford about 40 percent of what’s out there by Trulia’s numbers. · Where Buying a Home is Within Reach of the Middle Class.

chief economist at real-estate website Trulia. More from Quentin Fottrell: Half of Americans can’t afford their house Middle class will struggle to buy a home this year The kids aren’t buying homes.

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