Watch millennials apologize for delaying the housing recovery

Freddie Mac: 3 reasons lending will hit lows not seen since 2000 That’s not to suggest mortgage rates routinely take cues from stocks. In relative terms, today’s rates are as low as they’ve been in 3 weeks. We’ve only been able to say that one other time since.

In this video I cover an article entitled: "Homeless Millennial’s: The Next Housing Crisis. Here is the link for your review

recovery, but one that is not complete and is lagging somewhat behind the recovery for other age groups. Long-term unemployment for millennials, like for the broader workforce, is double its previous average. younger men are more likely to be unemployed than young women-much like they were before the recession.

Millennials, who roughly fall between the ages of 18-34, are cited as being one of the key roadblocks to a full housing market recovery. But we have complete justification.

The housing recovery is suffering partly because baby boomers aren’t downsizing as they used to – it’s getting too expensive. More Competition for housing is soaring, affordability is weakening and the U.S. housing recovery is grinding to a crawl – and, in large part, the baby boom generation is to blame.

The housing recovery has been painful, uneven and slow. By 2016, nearly a decade later, house prices were still 10% below their peak level, the paper said. The stock market, however, recovered by 2013.

Still, analysts and investors interviewed by MarketWatch, cautioned against overreacting to these data, arguing that the Fed’s recent pivot toward dovish interest-rate policy, the tempered pace of the.

Home remodeling activity continues ascension: BuildFax These mortgage-relief scammers look so legit There are many places you can turn for help, but, unfortunately, some of the mortgage relief solutions are actually scams. Learn what they look like so you can protect yourself and have the best possible chance of keeping your home. How mortgage relief scams work. There are several types of scams, and each one works by a slightly different method.Remodeling Reaches Record Levels In June Even as the economy continues to struggle and home sales sag, the remodeling industry continued to be a bright spot in June, according to BuildFax, which tracks building, remodeling and repair data on more than 70 million homes nationwide. The BuildFax remodeling index shows that June 2011 became the.

How Millennials Could Be Housing Heroes First-time qualification for a mortgage is one of the big obstacles standing in their way. By Katherine Peralta , staff writer sept. 17, 2014

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The company’s earnings and revenue also beat analysts’ marks. On Friday, Chief Executive Stuart Miller said "the housing market is continuing its slow and steady recovery driven by years of under.

The share of 18 to 34-year-olds living with their parents rose from about 27.6% before the Great Recession in 2007 to above 31%, where it remains today, according to an analysis by Trulia, a real.

Silents at 50% (69-86 years old). 3 millennials are also delaying household formation. As of March 2013, only 34% of them have formed a household. This share is even lower than the 35% observed in 20094, when the economy lost six million jobs. This phenomenon partly explains the slow recovery of the housing market, the

Mortgage industry fights to keep 3.5% down payments Low Down Payment Mortgage Options. 1) The FHA Loan (3.5% Down) The name "FHA Loan" is somewhat of a misnomer: the FHA doesn’t actually make the loan, but it insures it-as long as the loan meets its specific standards. When a bank underwrites a loan that meets those standards, then, it has a guarantee of protection against loss.

"Housing IS the Business. the millions of unemployed millennials who watch their dreams fade with every passing year. This group can hope for another mitigating factor: time. The U.S. economy is.