What the Janet Yellen pick means for the mortgage market

 · On Thursday, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen suggested in a videoconference call, as translated into plain English by the Wall Street Journal, that "there could be benefits to allowing the central bank to buy stocks as a way to boost the economy in a downturn.". This advocacy of what would be a serious and perhaps permanent move away from market-based allocation of resources.

The reason is that Yellen and Fischer both believe the growth rate of inflation measures is strongly affected by the health of the job market. According to this theory, high unemployment means.

What does that mean for mortgage rates?. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said the Fed’s decision will help buoy the strong job market and gradually bring inflation back up to the.

Yellen said she is also "very concerned’ about the state of financial regulation. The Senate confirmed Yellen as Fed Chair on the same day it passed the Dodd-Frank law.

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Yellen knows why the markets are rocketing higher. Janet Yellen knows why the stock market has been on a record tear. The chairwoman of the Federal Reserve mid-February offered up a pretty clear explanation for investors’ recent elation over equities in her testimony in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

The FOMC controls the target rate through open market operations (OMO), which involves the purchases and sales of securities such as U.S. Treasuries or mortgage-backed securities in the open market.

also mean higher credit card rates, higher loan rates, and it also means different things in the market as well. The new Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, is beginning to. similar playbook to that the Janet Yellen Fed had taken, which was a rather orderly and very. this affects credit card rates and mortgage loan rates differently.

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 · Back to the present now, we’ve reread our translations and have to admit that the last one-on the Janet Yellen nomination-was purely smart-alecky. But we don’t think the others were far-fetched-they seem consistent enough with Warsh’s carefully expressed opinions. If we were right, we could be facing big-time changes at the Fed.

Wednesday is the second day of The Fed meeting. That means Janet Yellen will announce a decision on the Fed Funds Rate. Watch the video to see what to expect for mortgage rates.

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